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We have a variety of programs for men and women that assist in any crisis situation. Whether you need to remove yourself from a bad environment or need assistance with an addition, we can help!

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Click here for help in the Casper, WY, area. We have site links for police departments, court houses, advocacy projects and so much more. Give us a call if you need more info on anything regarding your situation.

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We would love your assistance with events, fundraisers, or housing. Give us a call, fill out the forms and bring them in, or fill out the short form online if you are interested in volunteering with Self Help Center.

Self Help Center in Casper, WY
Giving You The Tools To Make Positive Life Decisions.


Mission Statement: To provide 24-hour crisis intervention, emergency safe house, and comprehensive supportive services to domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, stalking, and elder abuse victims; and reduce future cycles of violence.

The Self Help Center’s goal is to help people make the changes necessary to discover contentment and fulfillment in life. The treatment approach addresses individual needs and circumstances. Therapies may include individual and group counseling, motivational enhancement, family or relationship therapy, educational, occupational and recreational therapy, psychotherapy, or other therapies. Such services are provided in an amount, frequency and intensity appropriate to the client’s needs.

The admission process for enrollment in the Self Help Center treatment program includes: a completed assessment (including the ASI, ASAM PPC, and full 5 Axis DSM-IV) is completed by Self Help Center staff. If the assessment has been completed by another agency, the full assessment will be reviewed and a note of review, adjustments, and placement recommendation will be completed and kept in the client record. The client will complete the clinical intake, ASAM PPC at intake, initial treatment plan, and will review the client handbook with a Self Help Center staff member at the time of admission.

The client will participate in the entire treatment process, including development and review of the individualized treatment plan. The client movement, progress or lack of progress made throughout the continuum of client care will be documented in the progress notes and treatment plan based on ASAM PPC.

The services provided to clients in Self Help Center’s treatment program include: group therapy as part of the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Relapse Prevention/Continuing Care; and individual therapy sessions other group therapy sessions are also utilized when appropriate. All treatment services provided are based on best practice for the populations served including the criminal justice and co-occurring populations. TIP 44 is utilized for the Criminal Justice population and TIP 42 is utilized for the co-occurring treatment population.

** We uphold each client’s right to confidentiality as described in 42CFR Part 2, Federal Confidentiality and 45CFR Part 160 and 164, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). **

No personal information will be released without your written consent, unless:

  • abuse or harmful neglect of children, the elderly or disabled or incompetent individuals is known or reasonably suspected,
  • the validity of a will of a former client is contested,
  • information related to counseling is necessary to defend against a malpractice action brought by a client,
  • an immediate threat of physical violence against a readily identifiable victim is disclosed to the counselor,
  • in the context of civil commitment proceedings, where an immediate threat of self-inflicted harm is disclosed to the counselor,
  • the client alleges mental or emotional damages in civil litigation or his/her mental or emotional state becomes an issue in any court proceeding concerning child custody or visitation,
  • the client is assessed and treated pursuant to a court order,
  • in the context of investigations and hearings brought by the client and conducted by the board, where violations of this act are at issue.


Clients will be asked to maintain confidentiality of others; violations of confidentiality may be grounds to discharge from treatment.

We will adhere to the professional Code of Ethics of the American Counseling Association. We understand that sexual intimacy with a patient is never appropriate. We provide this information as required by the State of Wyoming Mental Health Professions Licensing Act.


For More Info on the Client Handbook

Governed by a volunteer board and funded by federal, state and local grants, corporate/private foundations, fundraising, Division of Victim Services, United Way, and private donations. Sponsored by Division of Victims Services

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